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Each of the nine lots will be on three to four acres with very attractive landscaping. We will use palm trees, oak trees, bougainvillea, and clusia shrubs to provide shade, privacy and security.   A homeowner’s association will ensure consistent high quality aesthetics. Waterfront property will be created throughout the current Lakefield South neighborhood, adding value to current residents. In our experience, adding waterfront and increasing security will increase the value of all properties.  Winding Trails will be lined with new fences and a multiuse path.  Both will be lined with the landscaping described above.  

Driveway Landscape

This path is planned with individual safe ingress and egress for property owners, and will not interfere with the current Lakefield South community.  Separate points of entry utilizing private driveways and private gates will be created to ensure the safety of all.  Lakefield South will no longer be unsecured and open to unwanted guests such as dirt bike riders and fishermen and the many others that take advantage of unsecured points of entry.

Architectural Renderings

Site Plans

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